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A 2-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition in Kings Mountain, NC, after accidentally shooting himself with his father’s handgun on Wednesday.


The NRA opposes mandatory gun locks in the home.



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12 people were shot at a Youngstown, Ohio, last night near the Youngstown State University (YSU) campus.  One person is dead.  YSU President, Cynthia Anderson was at the hospital this morning to meet with injured students and their families.

Another day, another mass shooting in the USA.


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An elementary school principal, Sam LaCara, 50, was shot dead at his school yesterday.  The school is Louisiana Schnell Elementary School in Placerville, CA.  The suspected gunman is John Luebbers, 43, one of the school custodians.  It is believed that at least one student witnessed the shooting.

Another school, another shooting.  Life as usual in the USA.


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Myra Cason, 63, a retired schoolteacher was found shot to death in her car on Friday.  She was parked in a furniture store parking lot in the Glen Burnie area of Maryland.  She had several gunshot wounds to her chest.

In America, we don’t blame lax gun laws.  We blame her for not carrying a gun to protect herself.


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There was a shooting Saturday morning at the Crossing Place Apartments, a student-filled apartment complex just two blocks from the Michigan State University campus.  This is the second shooting in the past two months at MSU.  In the shooting last month, 20-year-old Adrian House was shot dead.  There are no additional details on this latest shooting.

With such lax gun laws, school shootings are now common in the United States.



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A 5-year-old Florida boy dropped a loaded handgun on the floor in his Pre-Kindergarten class on Tuesday.  The teacher saw the handgun fall out of the little boy’s pocket and retrieved it.  No one was hurt.

The boy must have decided that if Dad has a right to carry a handgun for protection, why can’t he?  Little boys are citizens, right?



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In Waldport, OR, residents have been cautioned to stay in their houses.  Roads have been closed.  Schools have cancelled classes.  All because of one man with a gun.

All this because of a manhunt that follows the shooting of a police officer late Sunday night.

In the United States one man with a gun can shut down a whole town.




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